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From the Inside Out

Therapists' Confessions of Courage, Strength, and Hope

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Meet Our Authors


WHAT readers SAy

"I am happy to report that I just finished reading the manuscript! I must say it was well-written, thoughtful, insightful, and a great exercise in authenticity and relatability. And I love the design of the cover! It has a "What Dreams May Come" feel to it, which I feel is fitting considering the subject matter. LOL

I am super excited and happy for you all in this endeavor. I feel it is going to greatly help many people across many walks of life realize that we are all trying to evolve through the mess the human experience can be, even you brave souls that have taken on the task of helping the rest of us unravel the mess of being earthlings. I thank you immensely for your work and for this book. Love and light to you all.”

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